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The Denmark hotel river rooms in the heart of the denmark city

About The Denmark Hotel

Situated in the heart of town across from the incredible Denmark River, the Denmark Hotel has been the favoured watering hole for locals and visitors since first opening in 1926. We sit centrally an we are close to shops and art galleries, and provide the perfect gateway to the surrounding cool climate vineyards.

The Denmark Hotel has been providing the community with comfortable accommodation in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Our a-la-carte restaurant, with stunning views of the river and surrounding parkland, showcases some of the best local produce highlighting regional quality and styles.

Our doors are open to everyone, and we welcome you all to kick back and enjoy some great music, a fantastic range of food and drink in a relaxing environment.

Denmark hotel
Denmark hotel


The Denmark Hotel has been a family-owned business since the beginning and has been owned by the Gastev family since 1968. Vic and Alice Gastev were the first in the family to own the pub and worked hard to establish the Denmark Hotel as a staple in the Denmark community. They worked on the Denmark Hotel for 10 years, creating a welcoming environment for locals and visitors and constructed other infrastructure to help create a more economical community.

Vic and Alice’s son Steve and his wife Sandra took over in 2000 and worked hard in building up the Denmark Hotel while they raised two children Christopher and Isabella. They continued the family legacy and business until 2007.



Steve sadly passed away and the Denmark Hotel is now managed by Tanya Gastev – Vic and Alice’s youngest daughter and Tanya’s partner. Tanya will look to continue her parent’s vision of being the number one watering hole for Denmark locals and tourists.

The Denmark Hotel has been in the same family for generations and the Gastev family legacy will continue to grow and stay strong as they deeply connected to Denmark and the community.



Denmark hotel